About Mind Coach

About Mind Coach

Mind Coach is a boutique executive and leadership coaching consultancy increasing coaching accessibility to a broader range of leaders.  Many of our coaches have enjoyed senior executive careers in various sectors and disciplines and are accredited and/or members with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Mind Coach offers a range of coaching development services including psychometric profiling, 360 feedback, bespoke coaching packages and our “leaders as coaches” training program.

Mind Coach is a boutique executive and leadership coaching consultancy increasing coaching accessibility to a broader range of leaders.  Many of our coaches have enjoyed senior executive careers in various sectors and disciplines and are accredited and/or members with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Mind Coach offers a range of coaching development services including psychometric profiling, 360 feedback, bespoke coaching packages and our “leaders as coaches” training program.

Our Coaches

Benefits of Coaching

Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges,
enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence.

And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable
improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.

Would Repeat The Process

Improved Work Performance

Improved Self-Confidence

Improved Relationships

Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study was commissioned by the ICF but conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

What Clients Say

I began working with Cheryl at an incredibly stressful time. As a Māori woman in a leadership role I was juggling health, family, community, and professional responsibilities and was feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and trapped.

In the beginning it felt like taking on coaching was adding more to my plate, but I am so grateful I took the leap.

We focused on tools that helped me manage my stress, focus on what was important, and communicate more powerfully to share the load I was carrying.

I was able to transform a strained relationship with a colleague to one of trust and loyalty - something I thought would be absolutely impossible.

I was also able to get clarity around my true value, and be decisive about my career options. Cheryl was a safe pair of hands that knew when to keep pushing me, and when to soften or pivot. I genuinely recommend.

Aroha Armstrong

Group Manager Maori Economy – Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

My experience was very empowering. 

I was listened to and questioned in a very comfortable manner to help me get to the heart of the areas that I could potentially focus on to make me a better leader.

Once identified I was provided with simple tools and reading to help me to improve skills and in my case be a more vulnerable and effective leader.

Thank you.

Geoff Waller

GM Retail Distribution, Kiwibank (Coachee)

The time I've spent with Cheryl has been the most valuable and significant step in my development as a leader.

She's an absolute master coach who helped me clarify my own goals, identify and focus on key areas for development, providing tools and models to improve.

Our sessions quickly became the most important item on my calendar, with a high level of trust and openness in all exchanges. Needless to say I would highly, highly recommend Mind Coach for personal development!

Chris Thomson

Group Manager, Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

Cheryl is a rare bread in leadership coaching mixing the practical and the theoretical. Cheryl has coached both myself and 4 of my team.

The joy of being coached by Cheryl is you don’t realise you're being coached as she leads you to your conclusions without you realising it and therefore you own "it" more. The coaching of 4 of my leaders has been great to witness.

The relationships they have formed with her and the insights they have gained has been invaluable and enabled them to grow in confidence and leadership with their teams and their peers.

I would gladly recommend Cheryl for anyone looking to develop themselves further, consider difficult decisions or help teams optimise their potential.

Phil Worsley

Omni Channel Tribe Lead, Speak (Coachee)

Earlier this year Cheryl was able to help me through a period in my career where I needed to consider a change in the way I worked  to create a balance between my professional and personal life.

Cheryl was able to give me the tools that helped me define my value proposition, to understand what my personal brand was and to consider what my new career narrative could be.

I felt that Cheryl as a coach took the time to understand my situation and the challenges I was facing, she
helped develop a personalised programme for me with actions to undertake after each coaching session with follow up that was tailored to my needs.

Karen Thompson-Smith

Cruise Engagement Manager, ATEED (Coachee)

Working with Cheryl was really valuable for me. She pushed me, honestly and fairly, to own the parts of my leadership behaviours that weren’t working and take on the role that my colleagues and team need me to take.

Cheryl challenged me to articulate my approach and thinking around my leadership and my interactions with my team, which really helped me to improve the way I lead.

I’ve grown as a leader through this process, bringing me much closer to where I need to be in only a few months.

Oliver Thompso

Group Manager, Data Strategy - Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

I came to Cheryl at a decision point in my career. I was considering various (quite disparate) potential career options, as well as seeking a more sustainable work-life juggle.

Cheryl created an arena in which I could be genuine and vulnerable about my challenges and potential opportunities.

We moved at pace, dipping and diving through issues in our two-weekly session. I was grateful for her intuition, her insightful questions, her honest reflections, with her knowledge and understand of high performing roles and workplaces.

I gained greater clarity, and a fabulous sounding board as I navigated the next exciting change in my career.

private coaching client

Lisa has effectively partnered alongside a number of our people to support them with either returning to work, career decision making or developing their leadership style.

Lisa builds strong coaching relationships with the people she coaches, based on trust and open challenging conversations.

Lisa looks at solutions that are in line with peoples strengths and values, which fit the needs of the organisation.

Louise Alexander

HR Director, Bell Gully (Client)

I worked with Lisa on my return to work from parental leave during a period in which I was also navigating a significant increase in my responsibilities at work.

My time with Lisa provided an invaluable opportunity to reflect on my whole, integrated self and to clearly articulate the outcomes I wanted and the plans and strategies to get there.

Lisa is refreshingly balanced and measured in her approach – she gets the corporate world and her advice is grounded and realistic.

Anna Crosbie

Partner, Russell McVeagh (Coachee)

I worked with Lisa to navigate the transition between first-time motherhood and returning to work. Her values centered guidance helped me clarify what direction to take with my career while reaffirming my role as a mother.

I really appreciated Lisa’s willingness to challenge my thought patterns and accommodate my big picture ideas all the same. After working with Lisa I came away with a very clear understanding of what I didn’t want and the makings of a blueprint for my next steps career wise.

My experience working with Lisa was invaluable.

Irene Wakefield

CEO & Founder Prepair NZ (Coachee)

As part of my professional development I completed the LSI-360 Survey following completion of the survey I was lucky enough to have Lisa as my coach to review the results and formulate a plan with me to improve in the areas the survey results indicated.

Lisa really challenged my thinking and helped me formulate some great plans to help me improve and be a more effective leader.

Overall I really enjoyed the whole process and working with Lisa and would happily recommend her as a coach.

Greg Simpson

Works Manager Civil North, Fulton Hogan (Coachee)

I felt like an imposter getting coaching considering my focus wasn't on becoming the next CEO, but rather on
how I can be my authentic best self at work, negotiating the ever present quandary of balancing work and
home life, and generally just finding more joy at work and home.

However, I felt Cheryl was entirely respective
and supportive of my personal goals, and the focus was very much on growing as a whole person to get the
best out of me at work.

Private coaching client

Cheryl is exceptionally perceptive and really tailors each and every session to the needs of the person and the space they are currently in. This is used for maximum impact because the skills can then be applied in real time to the experiences which are current for the mentee.

Zoe Garrett

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Business Partner - Lumino (Coachee)

When I made the decision to re-enter being employed after 12 years of running my own business, I contacted Melanie Jones to help me prepare for finding a job. 

This process was challenging not just because the landscape of applying for jobs had changed significantly over this time, but because I wasn’t sure what sort of work I wanted to do. 

My experience is wide and varied and in an industry that is a little out of the box so pursuing a specific avenue wasn’t easy. From my first session with Melanie I knew it was a good idea to engage her services. 

Knowing just the right questions to ask and her easy manner really helped me identify some core points that I could focus on and move forward with. She also encouraged me to put some structure into the process and held me accountable which helped immensely. 

I discovered the reality that despite possessing the skills to be able help others navigate similar challenges, when it came to myself I didn’t have the same perspective. 

Thanks to Melanie’s assistance, I’m back in a position of being able to help those around me achieve their best for themselves and the business we are a part of.

Lance Cathro

General Manager The Production Co

I never thought having a coach for my professional life would be so beneficial.

During a time when I had lost focus, with so many distractions and stresses to the job compounding on me, Mel not only provided a confidential ear to get everything out of my head and onto the table, but helped me refocus on what I needed to move forward and realise my own potential by getting out of my own way while processing what was just noise around me.

If you are stuck in a rut, need some clarity or want to know how to take the next step in your career, I would highly recommend a professional coach like Mel.

Liz Hardy

Senior Flight Service Specialist - Airways

Mel is gentle and positive, although she will ask the tough questions when needed. She is supportive and acknowledges important aspects that give you an extra boost when needed.

Mel's calm presence was just what I needed when I would get tangled up in my thoughts. Through careful questioning she was able to unlock ideas that I didn't know where ruminating in my mind.

Mel has a great style that is very easy to work with. She works well with both challenges and opportunities and gives you confidence as your work through your ideas.

Private coaching client

Cheryl has been the most amazing supporter and guide in my leadership journey.

She brings wisdom,
knowledge, and a beautiful understanding of people to the working relationship, and I am so grateful to have
had the opportunity to work with her.

Private coaching client

Cheryl has an incredible ability to pick up on what is really going on for you and to be able to pivot very quickly to bring in an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that helped me enormously with both work and personal goals.

Kirsty Bellringer

Head of Transformation - Chorus (Coachee)

I had nine sessions with Michelle and it was an eye opener.

Michelle coached me in such a way to enhance self-awareness. By knowing myself, I could work out my strengths and limitations.

The coaching sessions encouraged me to use my strengths confidently where I find opportunities at the same time challenged me to work on my limitations.

It boosted my confidence, ability to think differently and make a difference in situations.

Thanks you Michelle for your input in my life.

Sarojini Joseph

Coachee - Masters of Advanced Leadership Massey University

I have engaged Michelle as a coach on a number of occasions both to support other leaders and myself.

Personally I have found Michelle’s coaching at the time of transitioning roles invaluable and have had similar feedback from the leaders we’ve engaged her to support.

Her coaching style is supportive as well as thought provoking which helps to develop in ways needed to successfully take on a new leadership challenge.

Senior Flight Service Specialist - Airways

Michelle’s expertise supported my continued leadership development and embed my transition to Engineering Management.

Michelle gave me the tools to succeed and my confidence grew after every session.

She helped me align my career goals through both mentoring and coaching which gave me the ability to play to my strengths.

My team also benefited from the planning and decision making tools she introduced to me.

Engineering Manager, Wellington

I have been fortunate to undertake 1:1 coaching with Mind Coach for 18months.

I have benefitted significantly from both a structured coaching program and also having a highly trusted partner to work alongside while navigating some challenging circumstances.

Over this time, I been able to directly address a number of long term growth objectives and grow as a leader that delivers value for my teams and the business.

Simon Hofmann,

Senior Leader, Kiwibank)

At a turning point in my career when I knew my corporate leadership role wasn't giving me the satisfaction I craved but didn't feel brave enough to do anything about it, Michelle helped me remove some of the shoulds, woulds, coulds and design a future career path I felt really excited about. 

She coached me through giving myself permission and not looking for approval to make the positive changes I needed. 

Her coaching style is empathetic and supportive as well as challenging when needed, challenging the below the surface blocks and beliefs that stopped me taking action. 

Thanks Michelle!

Private client

I have undertaken a number of leadership programmes over my career however this session was more based on my mind health as a leader which was extremely timely considering the year that has been 2020. I would highly recommend this programme to every leader.

Fabio Pagano

Fund Manager - Stride Property (Coachee)

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