Coach Profile

Coach Profile

Meet Cheryl Bowie 

Meet Cheryl Bowie 

Cheryl has been a senior leader and consultant for many of NZ's blue chip organisations, including Auckland Tourism Events & Economic Development, NZTE, Manukau Institute of Technology, NZ Post and TelstraClear and has worked in a wide range of sectors. A consulting career highlight was
establishing Auckland Transition Agency’s project office - the organisation charged with creating Auckland Council.

Cheryl is passionate about the human side of change management supporting clients to find alignment between their personal and professional lives. She helps clients understand their barriers and inner workings to allow them and their employers realise their full potential and “bring their whole selves” to work. Her passion for neuroscience, narrative/story, emotional literacy and
mindfulness supports deep reflection and change.

Cheryl Bowie

Director and Executive Coach

Cheryl is passionate about the human side of change management and supports clients to find alignment between their personal and professional lives. She facilitates understanding of barriers and inner workings to allow clients and their employers to realise their full potential and “bring their whole selves” to work.

She also works with professionals in transition enabling a deeper understanding of value drivers and motivations to assist with future career planning. At an organisational level, Cheryl works strategically to curate “employee experiences” that maximise workforce investment and deliver increased engagement via development and coaching solutions such as Leader as Coaches programs. She is also a qualified assessor in profiling tools used by many companies and individuals used to grow leadership capability.

As a passionate advocate for both young people and women in business, Cheryl actively mentors several young women starting out in their careers.

Summary of Roles

Summary of Executive & Governance Roles

  • Centre for Vision & Leadership (CVL) - Associate Coach (2019 - present)
  • Winsborough Ltd – Associate (2017 – present)
  • Blacksmith – Associate (2019 – 2022)
  • The Kindness Institute – Trustee (2018 – 2019)
  • Vision On Consulting – Director (2010 – 2019)
  • Inspired Learning – Jolt Coach (2016 - 2018)
  • Kerridge & Partners – Associate (2016 - 2017)
  • GymSports NZ – Director (2013 – 2017)
  • Professionelle Foundation – Trustee (2012 – 2014)

Auckland Tourism Events & Economic Development

  • Destination Advisor (2016 – 2018)
  • GM Business Attraction & Investment (2015)
  • Executive Manager (2014)
  • Planning & Portfolio Manager (2013)

Qualifications, Certification & Affiliations

Qualifications, Certification & Affiliations

  • International Coach Federation
    Associate Certified Coach & Member (current)
  • mBIT International
    Professional Certified mBIT Coach (2019)
  • Dr David Drake Narrative Coach
    Enhanced Practitioner (2018)
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching
    Certified Stakeholder Centred Coach (2017)
    Global Leaders of the Future 360 Assessment
    Certification (2017)
  • Hogan Assessment Systems
    – Hogan Personality Assessment Certification (2017)
  • Coach Masters Academy (Singapore)
    - Certified Transformative Coach (2016)
  • CC Learning NZ
    Prince II Certified Practitioner (2013)
    Prince II Management of Portfolios (2015)
  • Leadership NZ
    – Participant (2007)
  • NZ Business Excellence Foundation 
    - Affiliated Consultant & National Evaluator (1998-2008)
  • Auckland University of Technology 
    - Bachelor of Business - Accounting & Management (1996)

What Clients Say

The time I've spent with Cheryl has been the most valuable and significant step in my development as a leader.

She's an absolute master coach who helped me clarify my own goals, identify and focus on key areas for development, providing tools and models to improve.

Our sessions quickly became the most important item on my calendar, with a high level of trust and openness in all exchanges. Needless to say I would highly, highly recommend Mind Coach for personal development!

Chris Thomson

Group Manager, Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

Working with Cheryl led me to conclude that I have been focusing on surviving (not thriving!), and that I could not thrive in the environment I was in, no matter what 'I' did, without being inauthentic.

Coaching worked well for me in conjunction with a focus on spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing....and Cheryl was part of that realisation for me.

I will progress now with more focus on thriving, and the knowledge that I need to develop a more strongly defined personal purpose.

Jodi Leeves

Director of Strategic Projects Office – Tonkin+Taylor (Coachee)

This is the best thing that has happened to my career in leadership.

I'd experienced it before, but this is the first time I've had the tools and support to help me.

Matt Dumbill

Head of Digital, Kiwibank (Coachee)

I worked with Cheryl over 10 months. The process was different from what I had expected but it was what I needed.

Cheryl challenged and supported me in equal measure. As a result of the coaching my thinking (and behaviour) has changed, I've got some new tools and Cheryl gave me the courage to do some things differently.

At both a personal and professional level I am now consciously looking to take a whole-hearted approach to what I do. It's more fun, scarier and most of the time is working out well!

Private coaching client

Cheryl is a deeply insightful and inspiring coach.

I've so valued our time together and would say her core strength for me is her ability to help me prioritise with precision, really focus on understanding with clarity what's the important obstacle to solve or opportunity to go for.

I'd not hesitate to recommend Cheryl for any assignment.

Erica Lloyd

GM, Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

Earlier this year Cheryl was able to help me through a period in my career where I needed to consider a change in the way I worked  to create a balance between my professional and personal life.

Cheryl was able to give me the tools that helped me define my value proposition, to understand what my personal brand was and to consider what my new career narrative could be.

I felt that Cheryl as a coach took the time to understand my situation and the challenges I was facing, she
helped develop a personalised programme for me with actions to undertake after each coaching session with follow up that was tailored to my needs.

Karen Thompson-Smith

Cruise Engagement Manager, ATEED (Coachee)

Cheryl has been amazing to work with - I would highly recommend her to anyone starting out their first
coaching session.

Cheryl is very results focused, listens and offers ideas and suggestions that are useful in the
coaching journey.

Shabana Koya

Business Partner, People & Capability, PwC (Coachee)

Cheryl is a great coach, very personable, adaptable and listens to what you have to say.

I found my sessions with her very valuable and learnt a lot about myself in the process.

Angela Sharp

Director, PWC (Coachee)

Cheryl is a rare bread in leadership coaching mixing the practical and the theoretical. Cheryl has coached both myself and 4 of my team.

The joy of being coached by Cheryl is you don’t realise you're being coached as she leads you to your conclusions without you realising it and therefore you own "it" more. The coaching of 4 of my leaders has been great to witness.

The relationships they have formed with her and the insights they have gained has been invaluable and enabled them to grow in confidence and leadership with their teams and their peers.

I would gladly recommend Cheryl for anyone looking to develop themselves further, consider difficult decisions or help teams optimise their potential.

Phil Worsley

Omni Channel Tribe Lead, Spark (Coachee)

My journey with Cheryl as a coach has been life changing for me.

Not only have I taken away many practical tools which have helped me to further progress as a leader, but probably more impactful is the growth I have seen in myself as a person throughout our time working together. 

Through natural conversation, Cheryl was able to unlock parts of me which allowed me to explore myself deeper.

For me, Cheryl was able to cut through all of the thoughts, challenges and ideas in my head, distil these down, making my growth opportunities clear to see. We identified opportunities in my day to day life to exercise developing skills, bringing the theory we'd discussed to life.

Not only a great coach, but an awesome person. Cheryl made each session a joy and I truly looked forward to sharing the progress I had made each month, and what new things we would uncover.

Jaydene Graham

Acting Channel Deployment & Comms Chapter Lead, Spark (Coachee)

My coaching experience has been invaluable in building greater self-awareness of where I need to focus to maximise my strengths and continue to develop myself and others.

Through the coaching I have navigated some difficult challenges and has been fantastic to have Cheryl support this with independent, fact based coaching.

Simon Hoffman

Head of Brand & Marketing, Kiwibank (Coachee)

My coaching time with Cheryl has been absolute gold. I wished I had found her earlier in my career.

Her professionalism, knowledge, and ability to reference to resources and topics at each session to assist my growth has been phenomenal. Thank you so much.

Anna Hayward

Head of Auckland Convention Bureau, ATEED (Coachee)

My experience with Mind Coach has been transformative. Cheryl helped me reflect on my own professionalism and gave me a variety of tools for the challenges that I will face in future.

However, the best thing was being able to discuss my professional development with someone who created a space of trust and honesty. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching process, though it challenged me at times!

Louisa Berry

Lecturer, Up Education (Coachee)

A very positive experience with my coach Cheryl who supported me as I stepped into a senior leadership role. Her 'whole self' approach resonated well with me and we were able to talk openly about my challenges.

Cheryl shared useful tools and techniques with me along with focus areas between monthly meetings, all of which have been invaluable to help me grow as I've transitioned into my new role.

James Hassell

Manager, Investment Operations Projects, NZ Super Fund (Coachee)

Cheryl helped bring confidence to ensure I act with purpose and intention to grow my team and myself.

By communicating in a more deliberate manner and identifying the value I can add by leading and participating in conversations and not over-preparing!

The coaching helped me focus on balance personally and professionally and I am appreciative of the work as I travel on this journey.

Emma Noble-Beasley

GM Contact Centre, Kiwibank (Coachee)

I felt like an imposter getting coaching considering my focus wasn't on becoming the next CEO, but rather on how I can be my authentic best self at work, negotiating the ever present quandary of balancing work and home life, and generally just finding more joy at work and home.

However, I felt Cheryl was entirely respective and supportive of my personal goals, and the focus was very much on growing as a whole person to get the best out of me at work.

Coaching client

Cheryl has been the most amazing supporter and guide in my leadership journey.

She brings wisdom, knowledge, and a beautiful understanding of people to the working relationship, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Coaching client

Before I started my coaching I as struggling with some aspects of my role. During my coaching I felt respected and challenged and I am now using tools that had used in the past but forgotten as well as having gained new tools to be able to get curious about what is creating the behaviours in my business. I would definitely recommend working with a mind coach.

Joanne McLaren

Regional Manager, Wellington - Lumino (Coachee)

I found Cheryl provided a really great balance of challenge, listening, empathy and fun. She made me really reflect and provided me with fantastic resources, tools and foundations for me to continue my journey.

Antonia Robertson

Partner – PwC (Coachee)

I really enjoyed working with Cheryl throughout my leadership development journey. With her warm and human yet pragmatic approach, she helped me successfully build my team and learn more about myself as a leader and future professional path.

Coaching client

Through working with Mind Coach I can now identify traits and tendencies in my own thoughts and behaviour, understand more about what drives them, and be more deliberate in how they affect or influence those around me. With Cheryl's help, I have started the journey towards a more considered 'me'.

Bridget Winstone-Kight

Director - PwC (Coachee)

I learnt a number of new tools, and even a new language, to help lead myself and others better. A great coaching experience that I would not hesitate to recommend to others.

RBNZ (Coachee)

I worked with Cheryl, through a series of coaching sessions, to understand where-to from here career-wise.

I was struggling with understanding what I wanted and where I should go to next. Through reflective coaching and a range of different tools and approaches, Cheryl helped me to clarify what my next steps could / should be.  Cheryl took the time to understand both my situation and my personality and asked insightful questions which often cut to the core of the problem.

By the end of the 6 sessions I had a clearer understanding of what I actually wanted to do and how I should get there. I'd highly recommend Cheryl.

Maire Litchfield

People & Capability Business Partner, Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

Being able to be completely vulnerable in an environment of trust was very powerful for my growth.

Cheryl always asked the right questions, challenged my thinking and self-bias, and helped me to rewire some of my learned behaviours through the application of several ‘self-grounding’ mechanisms.

Working with Cheryl has been such a positive experience and I would highly recommend Mind Coach to any aspiring or established leader, both ends of the scale would benefit considerably.

Danielle Halliday

National Community Sports Manager (Coachee)

Cheryl helped me stay in my job and fall back in love with my work, I had a lot to deal with and she helped me focus on what was important. Many revelations happened over our 6 months working together and I value her amazing insights into my behaviour and others.

Katrina Batten

Presenter & Newsreader – Radio NZ (Coachee)

It has been an absolute privilege working with Cheryl over the last six months.

She taught me so much about
myself and helped me to just “be me” which has led me to do amazing things with my team.

I am so grateful
for the time invested in me.

Chontelle McRobbie

Channel Deployment & Comms Chapter Lead, Spark (Coachee)

Leadership development is an on-going journey.

Cheryl provided a safe and trusting space, with great insight and helped to develop tangible strategies for leadership growth.

Rachael Child

GridAKL Strategist, ATEED (Coachee)

I would like to thank you for the time and experience that you shared. I found the Leaders as Coaches course interesting, enlightening and at times challenging – which I guess is the goal of being in the uncomfortable
zone. I can see the expansionary/ questioning mindset as really helpful to move beyond a ‘I will fix that for you’ mentality, and a skill more generally applicable to exploring challenges and opportunities.

The trio work in particular was really good, to put practice to theory as the very realistic improv skills of the
team certainly made sure things didn’t go quite where you expect (just like real life) but you could get there if you went back to basics.

Andrew Muscroft-Taylor

Team Leader Protein Science & Engineering, Callaghan Innovation (Leaders as Coaches participant)

Cheryl's very personable style meant it was very quick for us to build a trusted coaching relationship.

I found Cheryl to be a great listener, and she was always able to drill down into the most important issues for us focus on for each session.

I would highly recommend Cheryl for those wanting to find their own recipe for satisfaction and success.

Private coaching client

I have found Mind Coach to be supportive in my goals and has given me clarity around my potential as a leader and what goals I have for the future.

I have more belief in myself & confidence in my abilities, but also in my opportunities to continue to develop.

My mindset has changed, and I've learnt to be more my authentic self when leading alongside my team, and participating in cross leadership teams.

I've had a great experience and one that I will always value as a major stepping stone in my development.

Gabrielle Bevan-Smith

private coaching client

Working with Cheryl helped me to better understand how my life experiences could be influencing my thinking, how being curiosity is the key to learning and growing and the importance of putting things in perspective.

All things we think we already know and are good at, until we're not.

Megan Firkin

GM Digital & Optimisation, Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

It was my choice to go on this coaching journey, and it’s really important to be ready for it - as with anything, what you put in is what you get out.

I connected with Cheryl at the beginning, and even though I worried that I was not conforming to what I thought a 'coaching' experience should involve, Cheryl supported me through my own journey and responded with compassion, and gave me the space to explore parts of me that I thought were fundamentally lacking and which I spent an awful lot of effort trying to mitigate.

Defragging my brain and mental model from these myths and superstitions, cleared the bench so to speak for real growth and development to occur.


private coaching client

For someone who has been in leadership for more than 25 years, the coaching experience has been not only a game changer for me at work, but the flow on affects in my home life have been enormous and all for the better (ask my wife!).

Completing the Leadership Code programme prior to being given this opportunity was very beneficial, as I entered these sessions with a growth mindset whereby if I hadn’t, I think I would have been distracted with a fixed mindset, thinking I am busy and don’t have time for this.

 Cheryl is an amazing coach and I am forever grateful for her helping me grow and change for the better!

Jason Emorfopoulos

Contact Centre Manager, Kiwibank (Coachee)

Through working with Cheryl, my performance as a leader has gone from strength to strength. She helped me navigate the challenges of starting a new role and establishing my relationships with a new group.

The tools and frameworks she shared have been invaluable, and together with my new vocab for holding tough conversations, I feel so much more confident and equipped as a leader. Thank you!

Coaching client

The coaching provided has been invaluable as I’ve now been seconded into another challenging and demanding leadership role.  

I probably wouldn’t have thought of this if it hadn’t been for your
support to build leadership confidence within myself.

The subtlety of Cheryl’s coaching style resulted in making changes to my leadership approach without me fully realising this.

Lorena Stephen

Director Partnerships, Ministry for Environment (Coachee)

Since our initial meeting I felt we had a strong connection and that our chemistry was just right. This was only reinforced as we worked through the programme together.

When Cheryl is in the room, she is 110% focused on our mission. She also has an exceptional ability to bring me back in to the room and focused on our sessions when - and this frequently happens - the noise and distraction of a hectic day or week tried to do otherwise.

The awareness, tools and disciplines that have brought joy and confidence back into my work, and enabled me to better manage the constant juggling and inevitable tension between having a demanding work life and maintaining a balanced home life.

And doing this is a way that's sustainable and kind to myself.

Chris Paykel

Partner, Previously Unavailable (Coachee)

Cheryl is an awesome coach who knows her craft well. She brings energy, enthusiasm and empathy, creating a valued connection from day one.

Nathan Stantiall

Group Manager - Innovation Skills, Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

Cheryl was a great match for me, challenging my thinking and guiding me through my development in ways that were very well judged.

She sets a high standard, modelling the behaviours of a leader at every turn - I found great value in reflecting on not only the surface lessons, but on the sessions as a whole.

Michael Parsons

Information & Broadcast Technology Manager, Radio NZ (Coachee)

I consider myself very lucky and am grateful to have worked with Cheryl. The coaching has made experiences and thinking accessible to me to overcome some struggles that I had been unaware of for a good part of the last decade.

As a result, I have gained a deeper appreciation of how we can manage to work together as humans that are all so similar in some respects yet so fundamentally different in others. The methods and tools that Cheryl pulls out of her enormous toolbox are as powerful and effective as they are subtle.

In some cases, her methodical approach has revealed itself to me only retrospectively through the great results. I had a good time in the coaching - and where I did not it was more than worth it. Go see Cheryl if you can.

Gregor Neumayr

R&D Specialist – Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

I began a coaching period with Cheryl at a time of significant change within my role; I had taken on new responsibilities and new team. The coaching sessions helped me manage both this step up and my ongoing professionalism within the broader business. The real surprise for me was Cheryl’s ability to listen to specific issues and relate them to broader topics so the benefits of coaching were much wider reaching than I anticipated. For example, the different perspective and tools and strategies to improve people management have improved engagement and output within my own team, helped new team members get up to speed more quickly and helped my confidence as a leader. But these learnings have been transferrable to my interactions across the organisation and I have a better relationships with multiple stakeholders that is helping me achieve the goals of my team. In sum, my ability to manage change, my confidence as a contributor and leader in the business, and the ability to manage a variety of work place interactions have substantially improved as a result of this coaching. I feel more able to increase my contribution and grow as a leader in my business.

Frances Sweetman

Portfolio Manager, Head of Sustainable Investments – Milford Asset Management (Coachee)

Cheryl helped me through a tricky time in my career when I was unsure of next steps.

She introduced me to a range of tools and approaches that helped me better understand what the right direction was for me, and through her wisdom and reflective coaching approach I felt much more confident working through and identifying what felt right for me.

Cheryl has a great way of cutting through to what might be really going on, which was hugely helpful in enabling me to step back, take a breath and gain some clarity.

Chantelle Taylor

Manager, Internal Comms & Connections, Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

We had strong focused sessions and I gained greater perspective on how my need to please my manager was negatively impacting my leadership and my happiness at work.

It gave me the courage to recognise what I could change about myself and what I couldn’t about my environment and as a direct consequence I changed my environment and have found an environment better suited to me.

I was working in the drama triangle more than I realised and Cheryl created a safe no judgmental space for me to recognise this and to provide strategies to move out.

The sessions have really helped me grow and I look forward to continuing the journey

Private coaching client

Working with Mind Coach has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

 During my programme working with Cheryl I have been challenged and provided with practical tools to notably shift my leadership confidence, emotional awareness, and overall resilience.

This has positively impacted both my work and personal life, and will continue to do so as I take these learnings and build upon them.

Max Thompson

Partner Manager – Callaghan Innovation

The six sessions of coaching with Cheryl was an incredibly rewarding - the best development process I have had the opportunity to go through.  

I have gained the ability to plan out the next steps in my career, challenge a few behaviours that were holding me back and gave me the courage to seek further feedback from colleagues.

The coaching process Cheryl followed was adapted to suit me and what I wanted to discuss at any
of the given sessions.

She challenges thinking constructively and pragmatically, using with well-formed examples and questions aimed to help you test your own thinking.

Amy Carter

Channel Planning & Delivery Manager, Spark (Coachee)

Being in an administrative role I was very wary and felt I was going to be out of my depth.

Cheryl is an amazing facilitator and my personal and professional growth in my new leadership role has been amazing. I could not have done it without her.

I have learnt to be insightful, reflective and above all have the confidence to back myself and lead in meetings.

Kathleen Curtin

Business Partner, People & Capability, PWC (Coachee)

My experience was very empowering. 

I was listened to and questioned in a very comfortable manner to help me get to the heart of the areas that I could potentially focus on to make me a better leader.

Once identified I was provided with simple tools and reading to help me to improve skills and in my case be a more vulnerable and effective leader.

Thank you.

Geoff Waller

GM Retail Distribution, Kiwibank (Coachee)

I found my sessions with Cheryl extremely valuable and challenging (in a good way!!).

Thank you!

Courtney Sanson

Senior Manager, PWC (Coachee)

I wasn't sure what to expect from coaching when my leader first recommended it to me, but having been through the sessions I couldn't recommend Cheryl highly enough!  

The coaching has been of huge value to me in so many ways - the most valuable areas have probably been being comfortable about thinking differently and gaining different perspectives, I've gained some really useful techniques to manage stress and deal effectively with stress triggers and I've gained a lot more leadership confidence.

Rachel McPherson

Senior Manager Branch Change, Kiwibank (Coachee)

Cheryl is a highly accomplished executive coach who connects with her clients and provides excellent insights and practical support.

I would recommend her to all those who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills or even just understand themselves better.

Kirsty Campbell

Professional Director and Advisor (Coachee)

Cheryl was just what I needed and I would not hesitate to recommend her to leaders needing focussed coaching - in fact, I already have! Thanks Cheryl.

Carly Orr

Head of People - Corporate, Kiwibank

Cheryl was fantastic throughout this whole journey, she coached me through all the stages required to get me to be the best person I can possibly be for myself and others in life. Thank you so much for all your help.

Emily Allison

Customer Manager & Application Development Engineer, Callaghan Innovation (Coachee)

I found Cheryl extremely open, honest and reliable from the very first session.

I was able to adapt the sessions as I needed and was able to raise concerns and seek feedback and advice from Cheryl in an insightful way.

At the start I was a little unsure about being placed on the spot with "role play" type questions but found these extremely valuable as they allowed me to play out the situation without the need for "pre planning". Thanks Cheryl

Private coaching client

I embraced having the opportunity to have some coaching with Cheryl. I was feeling exhausted and anxious as I couldn't find balance in my life. I was feeling I might need a job change to fix my problem.

My time with Cheryl helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I was and what was holding me back. By developing a self-care plan and giving myself permission to be a priority with time for myself each day, worked wonders in reducing anxiety.

From a professional  perspective, I have been able to become a better leader by guiding and empowering my team, rather than doing and fixing, therefore setting better boundaries.

I felt an immediate connection with Cheryl and developed huge trust which allowed me to be vulnerable and by doing this I reaped huge reward. A life-changing experience - thank you!

Jeanette Stanton

Manager Sales & Marketing, Auckland Convention Bureau, ATEED (Coachee)

Working with Cheryl was integral to my professional growth and increased confidence moving into a
completely new role and sector.

My personal insights grew with her immensely helpful direction and
wealth of experience. 6 months seemed like a year's worth of learning, guidance and development!

Brady Polkinghorne

Director, The Kindness Institute (Coachee)

Cheryl’s coaching program is one of the best investments I have made in my business career.

I have been working with Cheryl over the last 2 years, attending both online and in-person.

The discussions & resources made available to me were really beneficial and Cheryl does an outstanding job of listening and relating to my business and the scenarios that arise.

I would highly recommend her services.

Arnaud Calonne

Sales Director, Verizon Media NZ (Coachee)

My experience of working with Cheryl at Mind Coach was second to none.

Cheryl is extremely patient, knowledgeable and experienced in executive coaching.

She provided me with the right level of empathy, challenge and support at a critical point in my career. I thoroughly recommend.

Claire Barclay

Partner, PwC (Coachee)

Cheryl really helped me find my confidence. She taught me valuable skills that have helped me both professionally and personally.

My time with Mind Coach has been invaluable and it's enabled me to gain significant momentum in my career.

Sophie Wills

Communications & Marketing Manager – NZ Rugby League (Coachee)

The Mind Coach leadership coaching programme, delivered by Cheryl Bowie, has been immensely valuable.

The thought, care and preparation put into each phase of the programme has been impressive throughout.

Cheryl is particularly good at swiftly understanding the specific context in which the leadership development is taking place, while introducing just the right mix of new ideas and tools in order to ensure the coaching benefits are grounded and long-lasting.

Highly recommended.

Tom Rennie

Publisher - Bridget Williams Books (Coachee)

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Cheryl, they have given me a different perspective on my leadership style and given me some amazing tools and techniques for me to become a stronger leader.

Keryn Bloor

Group Marketing Manager – Skin Institute (Coachee)

Very valuable experience. Cheryl has a great mix of challenge and support, a strong understanding of psychometric testing and very good listening skills. Beyond the sessions, really valued the meeting summaries and additional material to absorb / reflect on. These will be reference points well into the future.

Joe Halapua

Manager, NZ Equities – NZ Super Fund (Coachee)

Working with Mind Coach has been an incredibly rewarding experience. During my programme working with Cheryl I have been challenged and provided with practical tools to notably shift my leadership confidence, emotional awareness, and overall resilience. This has positively impacted both my work and personal life, and will continue to do so as I take these learnings and build upon them.

Amber Good

Senior Manager – PwC (Coachee)

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