Coach Profile

Coach Profile

Meet Melanie Jones

Meet Melanie Jones

Melanie (Mel) has a background in learning and organisational development in the construction, engineering, energy and aviation industries.

Her areas of specialty are organisational culture, leadership development, employee engagement, business improvement and performance management. She works with leaders to develop their interpersonal skills for enhanced relationship management and identifies team development needs to drive higher levels of performance. Mel is an advocate for the digital workplace and has helped to bring together tools, products and ways of working to improve collaboration and communication in this area. She enjoys challenging leaders to think differently in this context and embrace change especially given our future of work, which continues to evolve.

Melanie Jones

Associate Coach

In her coaching Mel is passionate about facilitating leaders to take a different and untested approach, particularly when there is desire for real change and different outcome. It is often through coaching that a leader is more willing to try something different or new. As John Dewey said, “we don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on the experience”

Mel has a strong belief that leaders hold the answers to driving their own way forward. Through developing their own self-awareness sustainable development is created which in turn influences behaviour, culture and the people around them.

A key career achievement has been bringing a large, diverse team of people together for an intense period to deliver a bid for a major infrastructure project. Critical to their success was identifying common goals and creating a culture of collaboration across a wider range of groups under a public/private partnership funding model.

Summary Roles

Summary of Executive & Governance Roles

  • Airways New Zealand 
    ​​ Organisational Development Advisor (January 2018 – February 2019, Parental Leave cover)
  • Organisational Learning & Development Contractor (2014 – 2016)

    – Wyndham Hotel Group 

    – Learning DesignSynapsys Solutions

    – Learning DesignFletcher Construction / NX2 Puhoi to Warkworth PPP

    – High Performance ManagerThe Learning Wave

    – Learning DesignWorkbright eLearning

    – eLearning design and developmentBeca

    – eLearning review

  • Beca NZ

    – ​Learning & Development Advisor (2013 – 2014)

    – Learning & Development Coordinator (2010 – 2013)

Qualifications, Certification & Affiliations

Qualifications, Certification & Affiliations

  • International Coaching Federation – Member (current)
  • Updraft – Accredited Form2Perform Coach (current)
  • Coach Masters Academy (Singapore) – Certified Transformative Coach (2016)
  • University of New South Wales – Learning to Teach Online (2014)
  • Leadership NZ – Participant (2007)
  • QED Associates – National Certificate in Adult Education (Level 4) Train the Trainer (2011)
  • Auckland University of Technology – Bachelor of Health Science (Psychology) (2005)

What Clients Say

When I made the decision to re-enter being employed after 12 years of running my own business, I contacted Melanie Jones to help me prepare for finding a job.

This process was challenging not just because the landscape of applying for jobs had changed significantly over this time, but because I wasn’t sure what sort of work I wanted to do.

My experience is wide and varied and in an industry that is a little out of the box so pursuing a specific avenue wasn’t easy. From my first session with Melanie I knew it was a good idea to engage her services.

Knowing just the right questions to ask and her easy manner really helped me identify some core points that I could focus on and move forward with. She also encouraged me to put some structure into the process and held me accountable which helped immensely.

I discovered the reality that despite possessing the skills to be able help others navigate similar challenges, when it came to myself I didn’t have the same perspective.

Thanks to Melanie’s assistance, I’m back in a position of being able to help those around me achieve their best for themselves and the business we are a part of.

Lance Cathro

General Manager
The Production Co

After feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis looking after my two young children and our household (with severe sleep deprivation being a major factor), I decided I needed to take control of the things I could and let go of the things in my world that I couldn’t. 

Mel assisted me in realising what I wanted to change overall and why. It was her coaching style that made me more aware of myself and my deep desire to gain some routine and calm in my world. With each session I grew more aware of what I wanted to improve upon and ways I might achieve this. 

Her warm manner and practical guidance, game be direction and accountability to take small steps that ultimately led to such positive outcomes for me personally. Mel is passionate about helping others and truly believes in the coaching techniques she has to offer. I do too! 

As a result of her sessions, I have taken steps to improve my overall quality of life, with great success! I highly recommend Mel to anyone ready to take their personal or professional development to new heights!


Personal Development (Private Coachee)

Mel is gentle and positive, although she will ask the tough questions when needed. She is supportive and acknowledges important aspects that give you an extra boost when needed.

Mel's calm presence was just what I needed when I would get tangled up in my thoughts. Through careful questioning she was able to unlock ideas that I didn't know where ruminating in my mind.

Mel has a great style that is very easy to work with. She works well with both challenges and opportunities and gives you confidence as your work through your ideas.

Private coaching client

I was aware that the energy of our leadership team was dissipated and we were struggling to achieve satisfaction from achievement. We needed to isolate important issues and focus our drive. 

Initially Mel was a sounding board that I could scattergun and sound out my thoughts. Mel fully engaged in listening to the issues, making sure that she understood what was being said. She asked questions, and questioned the answer until problems were better defined, enabling me to simplify my thinking and help the next action to become clearer.

Mel offered my team a sympathetic ear but she also required tangible milestones to keep it meaningful, challenging us and sharing in some frank conversations. The issues that we are addressing are difficult ones, but we are making progress.

Manager, Airways NZ (Coachee)

I never thought having a coach for my professional life would be so beneficial.

During a time when I had lost focus, with so many distractions and stresses to the job compounding on me, Mel not only provided a confidential ear to get everything out of my head and onto the table, but helped me refocus on what I needed to move forward and realise my own potential by getting out of my own way while processing what was just noise around me.

If you are stuck in a rut, need some clarity or want to know how to take the next step in your career, I would highly recommend a professional coach like Mel.

Liz Hardy

Senior Flight Service Specialist - Airways

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