Our ‘’Leaders as Coaches’’ programme is for leaders who are yet to extend their leadership capability into the area of coaching. We agree with the global research that coaching skills are required to effectively lead teams to deliver great performance, and that coaching will be a key platform for developing future leaders.

Coaching Essentials Workshop 

  • Introduction to the fundamentals and core concepts of coaching and learning how to coach using a coaching methodology.

  • To create self-awareness and how interpersonal relationships and trust are at the centre of all successful coaching conversations.

  • Help leaders make links between coaching and improved performance, covering the alignment with other performance-based conversations and the distinction from formal performance management.

  • Support leaders to progressively build a coaching culture within their organisations through the development of coaching competencies.

The introductory workshop balances theory with group interaction and practice to make it relevant and to transfer the coaching skills gained back into the work environment.

Coaching Master Classes
Building on the Leaders as Coaches introductory workshop, we also offer a series of master classes to further develop and embed the coaching capabilities to enable leaders to confidently lead coaching conversations, to the build a high-performance and coaching culture.

For maximum results and for sustained learning, we recommend the programme be an delivered as a package of the initial 1-day programme, followed up with 3 master classes with follow up coaching delivered over 4-6 months. 

Want to Know More?

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