You’re having a baby and about to transition into one of the best and craziest times of your life.  You’re also likely to be starting to count down the work days and possibly worried about getting through the mountain of work you had set yourself to achieve before you finished up.

Becoming a new parent changes you in significant and irreversible ways and can raise a lot of questions about yourself which you wouldn’t have previously considered. Setting yourself up so that you have a good experience as a new parent is a great first step as you put the corporate world aside for a while and settle into this next stage of life that is parenthood.

Returning to work after parental leave is often a daunting and emotional experience. Women often report that the transition back to work after having a child is difficult and they can feel disconnected, disengaged and overwhelmed upon their return. This Parental Leave coaching programme is in place to help you through this key life transition, providing space and support to work through the practical and often emotional changes from work to home to work again, helping it all blend together so you can best balance this new phase of life.

It has been developed to help assist you so the transition is as smooth a process as possible, as you learn to juggle work, baby, career and life.

The 3 phase programme is a total of 6 sessions over a 12 – 18 month period and includes:

  1. Before: Prior to commencing parental leave we’d connect to discuss such areas as: managing internal & external relationships whilst on maternity leave, managing a successful handover, how you want to stay connected with your employer whilst you’re off, confidence in ‘letting go’ of the professional work person and adapting to the new world of being a mum to ensure you’re setting yourself up for the best possible time ahead.

  2. During: Whilst on maternity leave we’d connect over two sessions with a focus on successfully transitioning back to work including discussing areas such as support networks, how you want to return and re-connecting with your leader or team. We’ll also talk through childcare set up, time management and the juggle with tools and techniques to support you with this.

  3. After: On return to work we’d connect for three sessions over your first six months back at work - getting up to speed, managing key relationships, managing the change to professional working mother, mummy guilt, how to help manage expectations (both of others and yourself), and time management.

Coaching sessions are run virtually via Zoom. Each coaching session is customised to meet the needs of the coachee and their particular situation and needs at the time.

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